In Search of Religious Freedom

Do you need a school teacher to make you pray? Do you even need a school teacher to *lead* you in prayer? Or do you believe you can handle that chore yourself? Do you need someone to “lead” you in prayer before a football game? or do you think you can speak to God without help?

The religious right think you need help. Their help. They know what kinds of prayers God finds acceptable. They know which Bible verses you need to read and they think they have a right to use the government to make you read them.

If you object, you are “denying God.” I’ve never met a fundamentalist who did not think they are directly speaking for God. In fact I’ve heard some speeches and rhetoric with the strong implication that they *are* God. If they can’t lead your children in prayer, you are kicking God out of the schools. If they can’t make you read their hand-picked Bible verses you are kicking God out of the public square. If they can’t force you to listen to their prayers, then God isn’t being properly acknowledged.

Who is God? James Dobson thinks he is. He’s wrong. So does Pat Robertson. Wrong too. Judge Roy Moore? Also wrong and no longer a judge. D. James Kennedy? Surely *he* is God! Nope.

So if you want to make and maintain your own relationship with God, come back from time to time and I will introduce you to people who want to do that *for* you.

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