The Laws of God and the Laws of Man

“The laws of man originate with God, and man is consequently bound by the laws of God.”–Judge Roy Moore in his book So Help Me God.

When Madison et al. were writing the US constitution every country in Europe was ruled by the divine right of kings. Each king was backed up by God. This had a nifty consequence–nifty for the rulers–if you broke a law or did something the king didn’t like, not only was it illegal, it was blasphemy.

That is the government Roy Moore and the Christian Right plan for us. It’s a two-step process. First you insist that all laws come from God. That has the nifty consequence above. Of course Moore & Co. are the ones who will tell you which laws are from God and which ones are from Man. They know. God told them. And they can’t be wrong. So, with that little problem solved you move on to the next step: replacing the constitution with “divine” law, that is, any law *they* like.

Another implication of the statement by Moore above is that he can pick and choose which laws to follow. He is above the law. Man’s laws don’t apply to him. This is a recurring theme among the Christian Right. They can blow up abortion clinics because the laws against murder don’t apply to them. They can beat their children because child abuse laws don’t apply to them. They can apply a religious test for public office because the Article 6 of the constitution doesn’t apply to them.

They may be in for a rude awakening. The Christian Right was proud of Moore for standing up for God and the laws of God. They were furious when the laws of Man prevailed.

I’ve been told by a right wing Christian that the Christians are going to rise up and violently overthrow the US government and replace the constitution with the Bible. I can be pretty paranoid, but I don’t think those plans are in the works. I think even James Dobson would be horrified with the idea, but it *is* a logical conclusion of the Christian Right’s rhetoric. The laws against violence don’t apply to them. They are following God’s orders, doing God’s work. They can lie, inflict violence, even death. When you are doing the Lord’s work you are following the laws of God and not the mere laws of man.

If you are thinking by now that laws against fraud, deceit, violence and murder are sort of, maybe, God’s laws, I would agree. But when God has told you to do something he can give you a waiver for his laws. Just ask D. James Kennedy.

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