Priesthood of the Believer

On September 7, Bill Moyer’s addressed the Union Theological Seminary in New York. The text of his speech is in various places around the web. Though long, it’s a good read. You can find it here:

Moyers is a Southern Baptist. At one time that denomination stood for the priesthood of the believer. They had no creed. Nobody told them how to interpret the Bible. There was nobody standing between each individual Baptist and God. No more.

In 2004 the Southern Baptist Convention withdrew from the Baptist World Alliance, an international network of Baptist groups. Paige Patterson, part of a committee that recommended the break cited the reason that the BWA does “not believe in the inerrancy and infallibility of scripture.”

That seems pretty mild. The SBC is a hard right wing denomination, right? The problem lies in the fact that many members of the Baptist World Alliance interpreted scripture in a different way from the leaders at the Southern Baptist Convention. Individual believers–let alone individual churches are no longer free to interpret the Bible as they see it.

There is an interesting sermon here:
by Dr. Gary E. Parker, Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Decatur, Georgia. He sums up his message like this:
“We require none other than Christ and to him alone we go for the water of life. No pope, no priest, no council, and no convention serve this function for us. Jesus alone mediates our relationship to God.”

I can’t find a link from the main church page to this sermon. I found it through a search engine. I have a feeling it has been buried, but I am sometimes thought a raving paranoid.

Fundamentalists hijacked the Southern Baptist Convention in exactly the same style they wish to hijack the US Government. They infiltrate the grass roots. They put their people in key positions. They oust people who don’t agree with them. They alienate people who still possess a morality worth having. They isolate them, eliminate them and replace them with more of their ilk bit by bit. They are doing it very well. They are doing it in state governments all over the place as well as the Federal government. Their aim is total control. They know what you should believe and think and they know how you should believe an think it.

Fundamentalism is totalitarian. Jesus does not mediate your relationship to God, they do. Unless we can stop them.

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