Peddle Your Bigotry Elsewhere

Recently the American Family Association, a subdivision of Focus on the Family bragged that they had forced Ford Motors to stop advertising in gay publications. As it turns out, that is false.

This is a portion of a letter signed by Joe Laymon of the Ford Motor Company on Dec. 14:
You asked directly for us to have Jaguar and Land Rover reverse its plans and advertise in gay and lesbian targeted publications in 2006. As we said, Jaguar and Land Rover made a business decision about their media plans and it would be inconsistent with the way we manage our business to direct them to do otherwise. However, it is clear there is a misperception about our intent. As a result, we have decided to run corporate ads in these targeted publications that will include not only Jaguar/Land Rover but all eight of Ford’s vehicle brands. As we have said, the content will be appropriate and effective in connecting with the intended audience. It is my hope that this will remove any ambiguity about Ford’s desire to advertise to all important audiences and put this particular issue behind us.

The AFA has since said they are withdrawing their boycott.

In the same vein they have been handed another defeat by none other than Walmart. For the full story go here. Of course they have not yet begun to lobby the corporate giant, but it looks like the lure of money is stronger than the threat of Religious Right displeasure.

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