So You Want to Pray in Private?

The Southern Baptists are beginning to look more and more like the Spanish Inquisition. The same spirit drives them–doctrinal purity. Doctrine as concocted by the leadership, of course.

This article came to me today. You can read it here:

“With liberals ousted, Southern Baptists fight each other”

The Rev. Wade Burleson, a Baptist leader from Oklahoma, says fellow conservatives who crusaded to only elect leaders who believe the Bible is literally true are carrying their campaign too far, targeting Southern Baptists who disagree with them on other issues.

now there’s a surprise!

“Conservatives who loved the battles of decades past have fallen victim to a crusading mentality of bloodthirst,” Burleson wrote. “Since all the liberals are gone, conservative crusaders are now killing fellow conservatives.”

I thought “bloodthirst” was extraordinarly apt. Indignant that they were described so accurately, he was voted off their Board of Trustees. What was the controversy about? Read on:

Burleson first rankled the board over an obscure policy change: Trustees of the International Mission Board voted in November to bar future missionaries from using a “private prayer language,” or speaking in tongues in private. Previously, missionaries were discouraged from speaking in tongues publicly, but their private prayer was not monitored.

The practice is common among Pentecostals, whose spirited brand of Christianity is spreading rapidly throughout countries where Southern Baptist missionaries work, and in the United States. Many conservative Protestants, however, reject the practice.

Still, Burleson opposed the ban on speaking in tongues privately. He viewed the move as a dangerous effort to vet conservatives for purity, and said so on his blog.

The Southern Baptist Convention assumes they have the right to control private prayer. They are so convinced they have that right, they blithely purge anyone who objects. Stalin would be envious.

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