Islamic Public Relations

Muslims wonder why we don’t like them very much and seldom treat them with respect.

Anybody remember the bloody riots that happened worldwide when the film “Life of Brian” was released? Me neither. They didn’t happen. What about when the comedy “The Pope Must Die!”? I don’t recall any cars set on fire or angry mobs with signs threatening massacre to the bad people who made the movie. That’s because it didn’t happen.

That’s been happening for days now in the Islamic world because of a series of cartoons published in a Danish paper: I’m pretty sure “Freedom Go to Hell” is on James Dobson’s personal coat of arms.

Here’s another article with more detail:,2106,3561502a12,00.html

Here’s another article,2106,3561503a10,00.html called “Cartoons ‘test of Islamic tolerance.'” Clearly they flunked.

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