Fascism by Any Other Name

I sometimes take the Sword of Freedom to conservative message boards and forums. I admit it freely, I’m looking for a fight. I was enormously suprised to see this article on The Conservative Voice:
Are We Witnessing the Rise of the Fourth Reich?

I expected the usual screed about Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy or about the poor oppressed fundamentalists. Instead I was rewarded with a very thoughtful essay.

A quote:
“It seems clear to me that the attitudes and actions of Nazi Germany’s ministers and churches are being repeated in the United States today. To a large degree, Evangelicals have wrapped the Cross of Christ in the banner of the Republican Party. They quote Romans chapter 13 to justify their unflinching, yes, even blind support for President Bush. They are willing to surrender their freedoms and liberties so that President Bush might protect them. Pictures of the president almost universally line the halls and walls of our churches, Christian schools, and pastors’ offices. They castigate and denigrate in the most caustic terms anyone who dares to challenge or even question President Bush. They are willing to let the president lead them into multiple wars, even wars of aggression, based solely on Bush’s word. They refuse to hold the president accountable to the principles of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It seems to me that President Bush has taken on the aura of an American Fuhrer in the minds of many Evangelicals.”

Readers are allowed to comment and this was mine:

Generally I don’t like to compare any opponent to Hitler or nazis. It’s a cliche. It doesn’t win any debate points and, in fact, loses them. However, this article was very interesting.

The warrantless wiretaps should terrify you. I was terrified when American citizens were being held without trial or lawyers. In this country, the most vicious murderer must have a lawyer and a trial. Timothy McVeigh had lawyers, a trial and appeals, yet justice was done. Holding foreigners incommunicado for years is wrong and violates our own constitutional principles, but doing it to Americans is terrifying.

“No Fly” list that’s so sloppy it includes babies, nuns and Quakers is bad enough, but the fact that it also includes political opponents and critics is terrifying.

How much damage can Bush do in three more years? He already has agreed that Islamofascists should be appeased with our silence, what else is going to be declared unacceptable speech?

Our freedoms and liberties are being destroyed one by one with the help and approval of evangelical Christians. I prefer to call them by their real name: Christian Reconstructionists. Like the Islamofacists, Reconstructionists are totalitarians. They merely put a Christian spin on their hostility to liberty instead of an Islamic spin or a communist spin.

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