Concerned Reconstructionists of America

Over at the Daily Dish, Andrew Sullivan reports that Concerned Women of America–Beverly Lehay’s right wing organization–has posted an article from a member of the Chalcedon Foundation.

Why is this important? The Chalcedon Foundation is the home of Christian Reconstructionism, a movement that seeks to destory the US Constitution and replace it with Biblical law. Biblical law would be almost indistinguishable from Sharia law, allowing stonings for trivial “crimes,” death or imprisonment for blasphemy, loss of equality for women and other minorities and, of course, death to the “evil” of religious tolerance.

This particular article ‘Homophobia’ Is Not the Problem is another in a long line of articles mindlessly spewing hatred for homosexuals. Business as usual. What’s concerning is the tie to the Chalcedon foundation.

Very few Christians, even right-wingers, know anything at all about Christian Reconstructionism even as they parrot Reconstructionist views. I would have said the same thing about CAW. Now, it seems CAW does understand where they are getting their ideas.

Concerned Women of America hate homosexuals, fight condom and birth control use and lie about abortion, the morning after pill, stem cell research and RU-486. Their ties to the Chalcedon Foundation and reconstructionism makes their cruelty and deceit much more understandable.

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