Christian Honor Killings

Michael Specter has written an article in the New Yorker titled “Political Science The White House vs. the laboratory.” In it he discusses a number of ways in which the current administration obstructs scientific inquiry. Not a surprise since the publication of Chris Mooney’s Republican War on Science. Opposing stem cell research is one thing. Opposing vaccination for sexually transmitted diseases is quite another. It is utterly despicable. Stem cell research may save lives. It’s very promising. A vaccination for HPV which is a cause of cervical cancer is a reality in our hands now. Here is a quote from Specter’s article by way of The Daily Dish:

“Religious conservatives are unapologetic; not only do they believe that mass use of an HPV vaccine or the availability of emergency contraception will encourage adolescents to engage in unacceptable sexual behavior; some have even stated that they would feel similarly about an H.I.V. vaccine, if one became available. ‘We would have to look at that closely,’ Reginald Finger, an evangelical Christian and a former medical adviser to the conservative political organization Focus on the Family, said. ‘With any vaccine for H.I.V., disinhibition’ – a medical term for the absence of fear – ‘would certainly be a factor, and it is something we will have to pay attention to with a great deal of care.’ Finger sits on the Centers for Disease Control’s Immunization Committee, which makes those recommendations.”

The last sentence is especially terrifying. All my life the loonies have been out on the fringes writting tacky little newsletters and meeting in the church basement. Now they wear $1000 suits, they have access to and the favor of the President of the United States. They hold key positions of power. The damage they can do is almost without limit.

Here is a fuller discussion of the issue in The Nation

From the Nation article:
Just as it’s better for gays to get AIDS than use condoms, it’s better for a woman to get cancer than have sex before marriage. It’s honor killing on the installment plan.

The religious right went to the wall for Terri Schaivo who had been dead for 15 years while shrieking that they were the forces of life against the evil forces of death. But they are perfectly willing to let their daughters die rather than get them vaccinated against the Human Papilloma Virus.

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