Permission to Disregard All Human Laws

Cheerleading Can be Hazardous To Your Health

If that looks like a veiled threat, you are correct. That is a title of an article in a blog run by the Constitution Party. The main point of the article is beating up Jay Sekulow who is the Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, a Christian version of the ACLU. Ok, not like the ACLU, because the ACLJ works to destroy civil liberties, but that’s what they intend it to be. He’s a good buddy of Antonin Scalia and helped draft the “Defense” of Marriage Act. He has a fair amount of street cred as a right wing fundamentalist loony.

but not quite loony enough, obviously:

For a true Christian leader, within the context of Bush judicial nominees, “rolling forward” and not losing your balance, would mean — religiously and politically speaking — at least two things:

1. An iron-clad, no-compromise insistence that all judicial nominees must, first, acknowledge the God of the Bible as the source of law. This would mean a pledge to disregard all human laws and/or court rulings that conflict with God’s Law.

2. An iron-clad, no-compromise insistence that all judicial nominees must be truly pro-life which means no exceptions regarding abortion — none.

But, Sekulow has no such judicial nominee litmus tests. He mindlessly cheered the nomination of John Roberts to be Supreme Court Chief Justice even though Roberts said the murderous, un-Godly, un-Constitutional Roe v. Wade decision was “settled law” — which it is not. Adding insult to injury, Roberts also said he had no personal views that would prohibit him from applying Roe v. Wade. And he said the Bible, God’s Word, would have nothing to do with his judging. Roe, of course, is not “law” — settled or unsettled — because (a) Courts do not make “law.” And (b) Roe also couldn’t be “law” because it contradicts God’s Law against murder thus it is no law.

The Constitution Party–I have no idea why the would even dream of calling themselves that–believes that they, alone, have the right to decide what is and isn’t a law. And trust me, it is THEY ALONE, because I have a feeling God pretty much says whatever they want him to say.

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