It’s Not Going to Stop with Evolution

A right wing religionist objects to some textbooks adopted by a Chicago school district.

One parent who reads the textbooks and provides the board with input is also a board member: Jim Caulfield. In September, he took issue with a biology textbook that he said presented an agenda of contraception, promoted embryonic stem cell research and showed disdain for evolution non-adherents.

The board approved the book against Caulfield’s recommendation. But officials did approve a policy he proposed that now puts any teaching materials containing content covered in the sex education component of health classes under greater scrutiny.

But on April 17, Caulfield disapproved of the district’s choice of textbooks for an Advanced Placement world history course because it cast Christians in a bad light in some instances.

He also voiced concerns about Advanced Placement environmental science textbooks that present opposing views of controversial environmental issues.

Fortunately this guy doesn’t have any power in the situation and textbooks are getting approved even if they do show accurate information about evolution, sex education and history. But this little incident provides a very nice example of the right wing religious agenda. They routinely try to suppress or ban literature reading lists for various blue-nosed and political reasons. Biology, in their book, is right out of the question. It’s not going to stop with evolution and the works of Tony Morrison and Maya Angelou. They dream of the day public schools will be required to teach creationist history, creationist sociology, creationist geology and creationist physics along with creationist biology and creationist reading lists in public schools.

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