It’s All About Control

Andrew Sullivan over at the Daily Dish reports on new statistics regarding unintended pregnancy.

So the Catholic church’s ban on all contraception (even if it would prevent AIDS) and the now-fashionable emphasis on abstinence in sex education may have contributed to more abortions in this country than would otherwise be the case. Once again, as in their opposition to an HPV vaccine, the pro-life movement turns out to risk being pro-death in practice. A comprehensive strategy to reduce abortions would not be obsessively focused on criminalizing it altogether, as the theocons want. It would center on a massive effort to get contraception out to sexually active women, especially the poor and black who may not be able to force their sexual partners to use condoms. It would provide Plan B over the counter, no questions asked. Then you need a much more ambitious adoption program, that includes all potential adopters, i.e. gay and lesbian parents as well. Many on the religious right would rather see abortion rates rise or stay stable than concede on these issues. Which reveals what really motivates them: a hostility to sexual freedom as much as a desire to protect life.

Trust me, the Christian Right has no desire at all to protect life. It is all about control. It doesn’t matter what lies are told. It doesn’t matter who is hurt or who dies. The ideology is paramount above everything else. They would cheerfully perform abortions themselves if it meant the promotion of their ideology. Their opposition to abortion is just eyewash intended to fool the gullible who can be persuaded to forgo personal liberty if they are shown a few crocodile tears. Weep for the “preborn” and let and let the Christianists run your life.

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