Christian Terrorists

I found this over at the Daily Kos.

It seems that a young woman by the name of Ava Lowery, a 15-year-old from Alabama has been getting death threats for a powerful video she produced called “WWJD” (What Would Jesus Do), a powerful animation that features a soundtrack of a child singing “Jesus loves me, this I know” while one picture after another of a wounded, bloody, or screaming Iraqi child fills the screen. The video ends with quotations from Beatitudes, including, “Blessed are they who mourn” and “Blessed are the meek” and “Blessed are the merciful” and “Blessed are the peacemakers.”

Lowery began producing her own videos for her web site in July of 2005 and has thus far made 70 of them. Not everyone agrees with her, as you might figure, especially the terrorist wing of the Republican party. You see, Ava has been receiving vile death threats.

Don’t click on the link unless you have a strong stomach for bad language. It’s not just the extreme violence against a 15 year old girl that is so vile. It’s the sick, twisted sexual threats that are so appalling.

The Christianist rationalization is that “real Christians wouldn’t behave like that.” They seem to believe that you aren’t a Christian while you do bad things and then become a Christian again when you stop. It’s like being a vegetarian except at meal time.

I’ve never been able to find out if right wingers get these kinds of ugly threats from left-wingers. The fact that I’ve had such difficulty finding it out probably means the answer is “no.”

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