A Look at Life under Christianist Domination

If you are the slightest bit curious what life might be like if radical Right Wing gets a hold of the government, then this article will give you a window into their world:

Debating The Fundamentals

Patrick Henry University, which in spite of its small size, supplies the largest numbers of interns to the White House, has just lost 5 professors. One was fired and the rest resigned due to the suffocating restrictions placed on their academic freedom. These guys are not raving Marxist liberals. They are deeply conservative Christians. But they were too liberal for the Christianists. This school focuses its mission on grooming people for government service.

The student code of conduct includes punishable behaviors such as holding hands, drinking when not under the supervision of their parents, restrictions on movie viewing and strict curfews. They even keep an eye on which church you go to on Sunday. Not whether, which. 

The article includes this astounding quote from Michael Ferris, the college president
It is a challenge to stand for both Christ and for liberty [but] you can be robustly for Christ and for liberty.

The statement drips with irony. The school, as described in the article is so suffocating and the strictures on conformity so rigidly enforced it makes sharia law sound like a free ride.

The idea of personal liberty is just new age, postmodern claptrap. Freedom is slavery.

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish for the tip.

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