Telling Lies for God

Over at Pharyngula PZ Meyers is reporting that Christianists are sending their book America, Return to God using his name. He says "Someone is apparently putting my name and email address in the order form as the friendly donor . . ."
America, Return to God  details the depraved and immoral nature of our society. Yet telling lies while disseminating this book seems to not be immoral at all. "Telling Lies for God" generally is applied to creationists but the Christianists apparently also think God won’t mind if they lie as long as God benefits. Once you have become one of the Godly you can eliminate any of the 10 Commandments that you find inconvenient. Makes you wonder if "thou shalt not bear fallse witness" is one of those laws of "mere men" that got slipped into the original 9 later on. Maybe Satan wrote that commandment and it’s only meant to ensnare us.
Maybe we should read the book and find out what the Theology of Lies is all about.
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