Pleasing God with Forced Prayer

DaveScot over at the UncomonDesign blog recently embarrassed himself by posting an internet hoax as if it were true. Since it smeared the ACLU, I’m sure Dave didn’t see any value in checking the post for accuracy. RedSonja2000 enjoys the creation/evolution debate but that isn’t the focus of this blog. What I found interesting is DaveScot’s reply to one commentor who had remarked (in part):

I can never quite understand why forced prayer is so desirable. Certainly it pleases the person doing the forcing, but I can’t imagine that it would please God.

DaveScot replied: The problem is that a student can’t lead a voluntary prayer at a football game or graduation ceremony because just hearing it might offend some poor sensitive thing that has to endure the horror of listening to it. I say it’s too bad. Hearing isn’t saying. They can cover their ears, not bow their heads, keep their mouths shut, or whatever. The real crime is denying the students who DO want to participate in the prayer. Evidently they don’t have any rights. The constitution guarantees freedom of religion not freedom from religion. I suggest you read it if you don’t believe me.

DaveScot apparently would be quite pleased with forced prayer if the mean ole ACLU didn’t prevent it. It’s astonishing that he thinks God would be pleased with it. The fact that he immediately shut down debate right after he made his comment, though, seems to indicate a guilty conscience (and prevented RedSonja2000 from throwing her sword in the mix!)

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