Above the Law

Judge Roy Moore fought the law and the law won. Now he’s trying to start an entire movement dedicated to ignoring federal judges when he disagrees with their decisions.

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom parker wrote an editorial in the Birmingham News that bordered on sedition:

"Conservative judges today are on the front lines of the war against political correctness and judicial tyranny," he wrote. "State Supreme Court judges should not follow obviously wrong decisions simply because they are precedent."–Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker–You can read the whole story here
That a sitting judge could write such a thing is, in my not so humble opinion, grounds for impeachment. He is essentially saying the laws of the land do not apply to him.  After all, God tells him what to do. Fortunately God’s opinions are always identical to his. God never disagrees with him even when the law does.
If Parker, Moore et al. are successful in their campaign to ignore the law, the law will cease to exist in this country. God never disagrees with Roy Moore either so what ever Roy wants, Roy would get. Roy Moore and his supporters are trying to oust judges less extreme than themselves, judges who think the law and the constitution are important enough to uphold. We can only hope the Alabama voters don’t fall for it.
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