Same Sex, Same Race Marriage

President Bush came out strongly in favor of bigotry yesterday. If he’d done it today we could draw some conclusions that he might be the Anti-Christ since today is 06-06-06. But he’s not the Anti-Christ. He’s merely the Anti-Christ’s toady.

I doubt Bush actually objects to same-sex marriage, but he has to lie about it in order to get some votes for the bigots who face re-election in the fall. Therefore he has to energize the Bigot Vote. When inter-racial marriage was going around as an idea the GOP did exactly the same thing. The Democrats were becoming the party of tolerance and inclusiveness, leaving the bigots out in the cold with nobody to vote for. So the GOP started supporting racist agendas and laws in order to energize the Bigot Vote and gather in those unhappy Democrats. And here they are forty years later trotting out that same winning strategy.

Dispatches from the Culture Wars points out:
. . . the reaction from the right was identical to their reaction today and virtually every argument they use today against gay marriage was also used against interracial marriage, including, believe it or not, the claim that they can’t have children. A Missouri judge in 1883 issued a ruling that said:

“It is stated as a well authenticated fact that if the [children] of a black man and white woman, and a white man and a black woman intermarry, they cannot possibly have any progeny, and such a fact sufficiently justifies those laws which forbid the intermarriage of blacks and whites.”

Though it gets repeated over and over that gay marriage will “destroy” hetero marriage, nobody has ever whispered a shred of evidence as to how that would be accomplished. They haven’t pointed to Massachusetts or Denmark and shown how heterosexual marriage has been damaged. They haven’t quoted a single person who said “When they passed that law that gays could marry I decided to get a divorce.” or “Since that gay couple moved in down the street my marriage to John has gone to hell.”

I’m afraid there are really only two arguments against gay marriage that make any sense. The secular argument only consists of a noise: “eeeew!” The Christianist version is a bit more articulate: “I hate those people! They can’t be allowed to be happy!”

Well, for what it’s worth–and we are well aware that it’s worth very little–The Sword of Freedom wants EVERYONE to be happy.

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