Killing for the Kingdom

I found this interesting piece over at Christian Worldview Network. Usually that website is a swamp of Christianist jingoism and bigotry but occasionally there’s a gem like this one.

The article is about a new Christianist video game put out by the same people who do the “Left Behind” series. You get to fight the minions of the antiChrist with a machine gun–if they don’t accept Christ as their Lord and Savior, of course. I’ve read reviews of it. It’s larded with Biblical symbolism and Bible verses. Paul Proctor is a Christian who is not amused. You should read the entire article. This is an excerpt.

“Killing For The Kingdom — Just Fun & Games” by Paul Proctor

Its part of a celebrated strategy reinvented reverends embraced sometime ago called “being relevant to the culture.” The message doesn’t change, they insist, just the methods. Oh yeah — nothing new here. Sounds JUST LIKE the Gospel of Christ, doesn’t it? Seems though I recall Jesus telling his disciples, before sending them out to “heal” and “preach the Kingdom,” (that’s “heal and preach,” not kill and conquer) to not even carry with them a second coat, much less an assault rifle.

But then nobody’s actually getting killed here, are they? It’s just make-believe murder and mayhem — you know, simulated sin. Harmless, right? How come the church doesn’t apply that same Laodicean logic to say, pornography? No worries mate! Judging from the downward spiral of today’s mega church morality, I’m sure it will, soon enough.

My second reaction to this egregious tool of amusement was to not even waste time writing about it since the fellow who did, sufficiently covered the Purpose Driven connections and details. After all, biblically speaking, the ungodly premise of the game is frankly a no-brainer. I mean if Christians who read or hear about this disgraceful invention donít see anything wrong with the church promoting a video game about killing reprobates for Christ or, if you like, killing Christians for the antichrist, (your choice) thereís really nothing I can add, except maybe a stern rebuke.

It does, however, give the rest of us a little peek at the delusional dreams of Dominionists — some of whom proudly proclaim that they are going to take back this country and world FOR Jesus, as if He needed their arrogant agenda and unchecked adrenaline to do so, in spite of what the scriptures say about the last days, the apostasy and this world “passing away.”

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