Killing for the Kingdom III: Hunting Liberals

Orcinus Blog posted this photo a year ago. I’d never seen or heard about it.

It fits with other signs of Christianist violence that have been brewing for a while and which I have reported here as I come across them. Christianists like to cover their violent nature by talking about the “War on Christians.” It’s a lie, of course, as this “hunting license” indicates. But it will be a useful lie if the need to rationalize violence as “self defense” ever becomes necessary.

The true war is on any reasonable person, anyone who disagrees with the extreme agenda. Anyone who thinks maybe torture isn’t a good thing is a “liberal.” Anybody who thinks government should be secular and fair to all religions is a “liberal.” Anybody who thinks all Americans should have civil liberties is a “liberal.” And liberals are “treasonous,” “pro-death” and “anti-God.” That makes them fair game. You can even hunt them with dogs.

Can you IMAGINE what would happen if liberals circulated a hunting license for Christians?

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