Suffocating Spiritual Freedom

On the Americans United Website there’s an interesting article about Christianism called The Religious Right And American Freedom

The religious right is against it. Freedom, that is.

From the article:
Religious Right leaders frequently speak of their mandate to take “dominion” over American society or impose a “biblical worldview.” An entire Religious Right organization, Worldview Weekend, exists to train activists in ways to impose their version of faith on all aspects of society, including government.

As TV preacher D. James Kennedy put it in his 1997 book Character & Destiny, “This is our land. This is our world. This is our heritage, and with God’s help, we shall reclaim this nation for Jesus Christ. And no power on earth can stop us.”

To the Religious Right, the Bible mandates that fundamentalist Christians assert control over society at all levels. This viewpoint leads some extremists to embrace what can only be called spiritual totalitarianism.

A document issued by the Coalition on Revival, a group aligned with Christian Reconstructionism, stated bluntly, “We deny that anyone, Jew or Gentile, believer or unbeliever, private person or public official, is exempt from the moral and juridical obligation before God to submit to Christ’s Lordship over every aspect of his life in thought, word and deed.”

No one is exempt. No one. They do not believe that you have a right to make up your own mind about who, when or where you worship. It is their decision and theirs alone.

The article is long and pretty frightening. If you can’t stand to read all of it, I recommend you skip down to the section called “What They Want.” If you believe that I am an alarmist lunatic (and setting aside the fact that you may be right) and that they are a bunch of marginal loonies, that list might change your mind. Everything they want is in the news all the time. It’s in the legislatures. It’s on NPR, MSNBC, CNN and, of course, Fox News.

Here’s a sample of the list:

• Controlling Americans’ Decisions about Reproduction, Sex and Death

• Passing Anti-Gay Laws

• Controlling Education in America (and it won’t stop with evolution)

• Stripping Federal Courts of Their Power to Hear Certain Types of Cases

• Securing Control of Social Services

• Instilling Censorship (the fines for “indecency” on the airwaves have just been increased 10-fold)

• Infusing Partisan Politics with Religion

In order to preserve freedom in this country–including spiritual freedom–the religious right must be opposed at every turn. Moderate religious groups and secular organizations must form a coalition to stop them. Such a coalition is vital if this country is to remain free.

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