The Corruption of Christianity

In Memorial and Remonstrance James Madison–the man who actually wrote the First Amendment to the Constitution–points out that mixing government and religion corrupts both. After nearly a decade of political power evangelical Christianity is so deeply corrupt that they endorse torture, oppose vaccines that would prevent cancer and are taking a wrecking ball to public education. They are deep in the pocket of big business and run their churches like big businesses. All of the folks who have been indicted for corruption in congress have claimed to be evangelical Christians.

Today on Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish I discovered that I’m certainly not alone in my assessment of what evangelical Christianity has become. Sullivan quotes Randall Balmer a committed evangelical.
. . . It begins with an acknowledgement that religion in America has always functioned best from the margins, outside of the circles of power, and that any grasping for religious hegemony ultimately trivializes and diminishes the faith. . .

Balmer’s article is called Jesus is Not a Republican. It’s worth reading. My last post talked about hope. This post also contains a grain of hope. Perhaps there are some evangelicals who would like to retrieve their religion from the pits of depravity.

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