On the Christianist wish list

On the Christianist wish list is a law which will not allow plaintifs in a establishment clause law suit to be able to collect damages and lawyer’s fees if they win. I got my little email newsletter from “Stop ACLU” asking me to lobby in favor of this astonishing piece of legislature. The bill in question is HB 2679. A bill like this would not be complete without a dishonest and misleading title. This one is called “Public Expression of Religion Act of 2005.” The bill was introduced a year ago and currently does not have a sponsor and doesn’t have a prayer of being passed. It is languishing in committee.

You can read the bill here:

Of course every American has a right to express their religion in public. Children can form Bible study classes and prayer clubs in public schools. Street preachers can do their thing in parks and on street corners. Families can pray over their meal in restaurants. Clubs and organizations can pray before their meetings. You don’t have to sneak into churches. You can have group prayers in church parking lots.

So what’s the problem? The answer is embedded in the word “public.” They don’t mean “in public.” They mean government venues. They are not fighting for the right to pray in the church parking lot or in restaurants. They already have that right. All Americans do. They are fighting for the right to make you pray by using the government to force you.

They keep trying to do that in spite of the law and the Constitution and they keep getting sued by The Dreaded ACLU. Of course, when they inevitably lose, they must pay attorney’s fees in addition to any damages requested and granted. So this bill, if passed, would allow them to break the law, violate the rights of their fellow Americans and not have to suffer any consequences.

Cool trick. Maybe next they will try to decriminalize bank robbery.

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