Protecting His Cozy Little Christianist Fiefdom

The Commercial Appeal reports:

A nontenured Munford High teacher who was the faculty adviser for the newly formed ACLU campus chapter has lost her teaching job.

This was the same school where the kids made the Christianists all excited and happy because they recited the Lord’s Prayer at the graduation ceremony as a protest. It was rude and bullying of them to do it but it was well within their Constitutional rights.

Apparently that wasn’t enough, though.

While Kilzer said she heard a rumor on May 11 about her contract not being renewed, school officials met with her May 12. “That’s when they told me.”

She said she didn’t realize that was the same day as when the ACLU letter was faxed to Munford High Principal Darry Marshall.

The most interesting part of this is this little paragraph near the end:

Before the school prayer issue, Kilzer said her students [the ACLU club] had asked Marshall not to use the school’s broadcasting system to talk about Jesus and religion.

The principal has been using his power as a government official to preach to the students–not just rude and bullying, but also unconstitutional.

With Kilzer’s departure the ACLU club will cease to exist because it must have a sponsor. Considering what happened to the last sponsor, what do you think the odds are of finding another one? None? or zero?

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