Lying for the Lord

As I have reported before, the Christianists are pushing the Public Expression of Religion Act, H.R. 2679 which would not allow plaintiffs who won a case in court on a first amendment issue to collect costs and attorney’s fees from the government.

Stop-the-ACLU has a report of this bill on their website. Naturally–and stupidly–they are in favor of it. They would damage their own civl rights in order to hurt a privately funded organization they hate.

They quote Steve Crampton, an attorney with the American Family Association, who testified in favor of the bill:

“”It was really just the ACLU and its like organizations on the left that ever benefited from this provision.”

This was the reply I left there. I don’t have much hope that they will leave it there. They often delete responses they don’t like:
This is, of course, a bald-faced lie. All the Christian groups who have successfully sued the government for violating the constitution have received reimbursement for costs as well. If you have a strong case, why do you have to lie to support it?

In fact, if this bill is successful, it will hamper the efforts of Christians and other religious groups from preventing the government from violating their 1st Amendment rights. Duh. Do you really think it will be focused only on an organization you hate?

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