Thou Shalt Not Piss Off Your Insurance Company

Previously I reported about a school district that used its governmental power to prosletize Christianity to school children. When a family of Jews objected they were harrassed, intimidated and eventually forced to leave the district. They sued. The board agreed to a settlement.

And then the board changed their collective minds. Or lost them.

The board’s insurance company is refusing to pay any more legal defense for them. The insurance company wants to be reimbursed for all the legal defense they’ve paid so far. They know the board cannot win at court and this is all money down a rat hole. Insurance companies are not too exited about pouring money down rat holes. It’s against their nature.

Christianists LOVE to pour money down rat holes–especially tax dollars. Their arrogance gets them every the time. They just know this time, somehow the 1st Amendment will mean they can use government force to make people pray. After all, God is on their side. All they have to do is pray and they can violate the constitution. God wants them to violate the constitution and therefore they not only can, they are required to do it. God always agrees with everything they want to do.

But not the insurance company.

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