A Feast of Violence

The Republic of T. has more questions than answers, but some of the answers are in the questions. The recent rash of violence against gay people is fueled by the rabidly strident Christianists trying to drum up political support by bashing gays at every opportunity. It used to work well when they would advocate racism to get support from bigots. The bigot vote has always been one of their mainstays.

here is a sample of some of the questions:

• What if, as dysfunctionalgadfly points out in surveying the Christian Coalitions checklist for Georgia judges, their supposedly faith-based political positions appear to have little in common with the professed faith?

• For that matter, what do you call a Georgia Attorney General candidate who suggests gay/straight student clubs are “Future Pedophiles of America” clubs?
• What do you call a conservative organizer who claims that gays have sex with infants?

• How do you respond to people like the one’s sick of it all mentioned, who honestly believe that gay people are the real bigots for seeking marriage equality.

And Republic of T also points out some reasons for hope, including this one:
Maybe there’s hope in a mainstream christian denomination, as Firebird notes, narrowly rejects a measure that could have blocked gay ordinations. Even a narrow victory shouldn’t be discounted, particularly given mostly positive reception Firebird reports getting as an out gay member of the denomination.

Maybe there is hope that the human race will regain its sanity.

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