Hillery vs Obama

I have been sitting on the fence about Hillery and Obama. I’d like a woman in the White House but . . . I don’t like Hillery and I think she can lose against a jingoistic hack like Huckabee. People who have enjoyed watching Bush use the constitution for toilet paper and who lust to do likewise find in Huckabee a soul mate.

I think Hillery is Bush in a dress but without all that transparent honesty to worry about. Fortunately I think she’s lying about being religious so the right wing loonies won’t be getting any favors from her, but that’s not enough. If it’s all I could get I would take it. A crack whore with her face in the toilet would be a wiser choice than Huckabee and Hillery is a few steps better than that. She might not insult our intelligence by trying to convince us that waterboarding isn’t torture. No, she’ll permit waterboarding and simply refuse to discuss it in any way. I’m afraid she’ll abuse power as much as or worse than Bush but unlike Bush, she’s smart. Bush is arrogant and stupid which is why he is adored by right-wingers. Hillary is smart and arrogant. Is that better? I don’t know.

Obama . . . is very religious. We will have had 8 years of the Pastor-in-Chief and I don’t want any more of that. I don’t think Obama’s lying about his religiosity, which is a pity. His religion doesn’t seem to be the debased and depraved version of James Dobson or Huckabee. The bloodthirsty monster they worship doesn’t seem to be Obama’s cup of tea–a point in his favor.

And of course, it’s impossible to tell, but Obama appears to not be an open and blatant crook. I could be wrong. They might find a half million in his freezer a month after he takes office, but he SEEMS honest at this point. I listened to one of his speeches on YouTube and he said everything I want to hear. He blatantly and openly mentioned national health care. We MUST do that. Hillery will not get us national health care, something will come up and she won’t be able to. She’ll fail in such a way that she can blame the evil right wing conspiracy. Obama may not get us health care either, but somehow I think he will actually make a serious effort.

A compassionate conservative is someone who will not kick you before they step over your body. A compassionate liberal is someone who will call 911 and stay with you in the emergency room–and then insist the government pay the bill. Obama seems like the latter–at least he says stuff to make you think so. Hillery will talk a good emergency room but somehow your body will still be in the street at the end of the day.

The one thing I’m going to be listening for is fearmongering. It’s time for American citizens to buck up and stop acting like a bunch of cowards. Frightened people don’t mind pitching their civil liberties out the window in order to feel a little safer. It will not increase their safety–in fact it will leave us in a much more dangerous situation than a bunch of jihadies ever could. Whoever is president of the United States has more power at his or her disposal than any other person in the world. It’s ben Laden’s wet dream. A jerk with a bomb strapped to his chest can kill a thousand people if he’s standing in the right place. The US president can wipe out the planet, every man, woman and child. Al Qaeda would love to turn the US into a police state. It’s never going to happen. But the president of the US can do it with a few strokes of a pen. It’s what Bush has been doing bit by bit.

You want to know why Bush & Co. likes to talk about waterboarding? Because it makes you afraid. He’s never going to waterboard you, but he might. He certainly could. All that’s required is for someone to declare you an enemy combatant. No need to prove it or even define what that means. Off you go. Being so afraid of your government you will do whatever they say is the beginning of a police state. It’s not something that’s going to happen. It’s something that’s happened already.

I don’t think Hillery will reverse that. Oh, she may not use it but my feeling is that she will tuck it away for hard times. I think Obama will reverse all that. I think he’ll get rid of it and try to make it impossible for any future president to ignore the laws of this country like Bush has done. There’s no way to know for sure. He may finish selling us down the river but I don’t think so.

If anybody has a working crystal ball, feel free to let us know.

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