The Rehabilitation of Rev. Wright

I don’t know if Obama is happy that Wright is talking to the press right now, but I’m glad. I don’t know if it will be good for Obama’s campaign, but I’m glad it’s happening. I want Wright to show his face and show people he’s something of a wingnut, but not evil and not demented.

I listened to more than the Fox News clip of Wright’s “God Damn America” speech and right up to that line I think he was right. Black people have lived and continue to live in a police state where you can be pulled over for any reason or no reason at all, arrested for no reason or any reason at all and easily gunned down for the crime looking like you might be thinking about having a gun. The reason Fox News doesn’t bother to play the whole clip is because too many people are going to listen to it and think “he’s not exactly wrong.”

That said, he’s not exactly right, either. But I understand why he said what he said.

Here’s the speech the Karl Rovites don’t want you to see:

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