No Way, No How, No McCain!

We don’t need 4 more years of the last 8 years!

Ok, I suppose I should stop channeling Hillary Clinton.

I’ve been pretty pissed off at Hillary since the Bosnian sniper fire bullshit. It made me so mad, I almost couldn’t stand to listen to her. Before that I’d been telling people that I was for Obama, but I’d be ok if she won the nomination. After that I knew if she got into office, we’d be screwed. Almost as screwed as if it were McCain. She bought a little of it back last night at the convention.

If you thought I was exaggerating with my “Not because he’s black” post below, you should check out this incredibly racist piece of garbage:

Barack Obama, The hip-hop president by Craig R. Smith brought to you by none other than the WorldNutDaily which is so gifted at bringing out the crazies and morons.

The entire article has a quaint other-worldly feel about it. You know, that other world where blacks ride in the back of the bus, drink from separate water fountains and are required to be outside the city limits by sundown or go to jail (or be lynched).

Obama’s uppity. Obama thinks he’s equal. He thinks he’s smart enough and skilled enough to run the most powerful country on earth.

Smith needs to crawl back under the rock with his fellow slugs and slime and stay there. The world has passed him by.

Bush&Co. have put our constitutional democracy in the toilet and McCain has his hand on the flusher. If we don’t elect Barack Obama president we are committing cultural suicide.

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