McCain’s Veep Pick

I LOVE McCain’s pick for Vice! I love her! She’s beautiful!

Sarah Palin is going to help him lose!

At least I hope so. Obviously McCain is hoping to pick up the disaffected Hillary voters. I think disaffected Hillary voters are going to be too smart to fall for such a dumb trick.

For the amusement of liberals (or centrists or former liberals) Palin is in favor of drilling (her husband works part time for BP), not developing alternative energy. She’s a creationist of at least the “teach the controversy” stripe and she thinks the government has a right to regulate your uterus.

For the entertainment of the conservatives (and the fundies and bigots, which is what “conservative” has come to mean) she’s reported to be gay-friendly (or at least not as hard-core cruel as the fundies would like), smoked pot when young and named two of her daughters “Willow” and “Piper” after two tv witches.

More general:

1. My cat has more qualifications to be president than Sara Palin. McCain is 72 freekin’ years old. He could stroke out on January 21, 2009 and we’d have as our first female president someone who isn’t even a pale shadow of Hillary. Don’t tell me that Obama doesn’t have experience. McCain doesn’t have any experience being president either. She doesn’t have Obama’s intelligence or talent. She doesn’t even have McCain’s intelligence or talent. Palin was the utterly cynical choice of someone desperate to win at any and all costs.

2. I don’t care that she’s pro-gun. I don’t care of anybody is pro-gun. If she shoots someone she should go to prison. Otherwise have at.

3. She didn’t abort a Downs baby even though she knew in advance that she was going to have one. Good for her! It’s what I would have done. But I don’t suppose she wants to think about what it would have been like for the government to force her to have that child if she hadn’t wanted to.

4. The conservatives are trying to hang a good face on it, but they are terminally pissed and that always makes for a good day!

An aside:

James (Focus On Your Own Damn Family) Dobson asked his followers to pray for rain to spoil Obama’s acceptance speech. I watched that speech. The weather was perfect. However, the Republican convention may have to be postponed because of Hurricane Gustav. Maybe God doesn’t like people who ask him to behave like an asshole.

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