Sarah Pallin: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

I don’t care that her daughter is pregnant. It’s a wonderful comment on the power of abstinence-only sex ed but other than that it’s none of our business.

I don’t care whether she’s the mother or grandmother of Trig.

Those issues are meaningless bullshit.

Here is what I care about:
McCain did something so stupid he should be spanked. The conservative pundits don’t think it’s stupid because it just might get him elected. I don’t think they are right, but they could be. The low information voters will love her because she’s cute and perky, they don’t know or care about anything else. The fundies love her because they don’t care about anything but ideology. The ideologues are happy because they have a better chance to continue their rule–they know how to rule, if not how to govern.

The reason it’s stupid is because I sorta-kinda believe John McCain loves his country, but he has set up a situation where, if he is elected and then dies, the most powerful nation on earth will be ruled–not governed–by a vindictive, dictatorial harpy who will make George Bush look like Thomas Jefferson.

The reason it’s stupid is because she simply doesn’t care about how the country runs. She doesn’t care about how Alaska runs or even the tiny town of Wasilla.

It’s stupid because she wasn’t vetted. The National Enquirer knew more about her than John McCain.

It’s stupid because she’s pig-ignorant about so very, very much.

And that’s not even getting started on her hard-core right wing crap.

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