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Most Peculiar Veep Choice?

September 4, 2008

Ok, so Ben Stein isn’t a complete idiot.



September 4, 2008

Palin’s big line of her debut speech: “You know what they say the difference is between a hockey mom and a pit bull — lipstick”

Palin proved last night that she’s a pit bull in lipstick.

Her lip-curling sneer and sleazy one-liners made the crowd go wild. Her message? Fear and hate. To Republicans and right-wingers those two things are otherwise known as bread and butter.

Fearmongering–counting on the cowardice of their target audience–is what the Republicans do best. The communists are going to get you. The jihadists are going to get you. The blacks are rising up and will get you–oh wait, we aren’t racist any more. The elites will rise up and get you. There you go, that’s the ticket. A black kid who worked for every penny he owns and went to freekin’ Harvard on a scholarship is an “elite.” McCain who married wealth isn’t an elite. George Bush who inherited wealth isn’t an elite. The oil millionaires cheering in the audience aren’t elites.

Elites are uppity blacks and journalists who ask too many questions.

Tonight Grandpa will take the stage and drone for 40 minutes about how he was tortured back in the Dark Ages. (Except he won’t use the word “torture” because according to Bush he wasn’t tortured. He was merely interrogated in an “enhanced” way.) McCain may not read the teleprompter like a freshman acting student. He may not grin like a creepy death’s head at random intervals. Heck, he may even get off a joke. The people who wrote Palin’s speech will almost certainly have some input into McCain’s speech. But “be afraid, be very afraid” will be the message.

Why not? He’s afraid and you should be too.

McCain is the bread. Palin is the circus. It’s a technique that’s worked for thousands of years and Republicans are hoping against hope it will work one more time.

Palin is lipstick, all right. She’s the lipstick on the pig of John McCain’s campaign.