Ms. Pork in Lipstick

I’m still obsessing about Ms. Porkbarel Palin’s speech. I know the MSM has moved on, more or less, and I’ll move on too, eventually.

But not yet.

I’m sure Anne Coulter didn’t ghost write Palin’s speech, but she could have written written it standing on her head. I’m sure Rush Limbaugh didn’t coach her on delivery, but she was channeling him effortlessly., one of my favorite websites, is utterly non-partisan. A time or two, Obama himself has stretched the truth to the point that it squeeked. vetted Palin’s speech (someone ought to vet her!) and found several “pants on fire” moments.

She didn’t sell a jet on Ebay. She was a huge fan of earmarks. She opposed a very corrupt corrupt incumbent and then apparently used the power of her office to get revenge on her asshole ex-brother-in-law. She took a debt-free little town and drove it into the ground. They still owe millions of dollars.

Pitbull in lipstick? Wrong mammal.

She’s not an elitist, though, no-siree-bob! She didn’t earn a scholarship at Harvard, she went to six colleges in five years, graduating with a degree in sports journalism. Not some sleazy elitist degree like constitutional law. She’s a woman of the people! When she was mayor she had responsibilities. She shirked them, but she had them.

She’s funny, though! She can deliver a line! Yay!

Even if she couldn’t run a small town, why couldn’t she run the most powerful country in the world? She’s cute and funny and has the theologically correct opinion on abortion so all the IMPORTANT bases are covered, right?

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