Chipper Chatter

Well, Palin didn’t shriek and faint nor did she wander off into Alzheimer-esque rambling.

In the first part of the debate Palin seemed to be channeling Alvin the Chipmunk. She calmed down as the debate wore on and I swear it was because of Biden’s thoughtful, reassuring manner. Biden calmed her down and got her to slow the chatter to something less than warp speed.

The CBS polls say Biden won. So did the CNN polls.

And the conservatives? Well some of them are over the moon, of course. She was chipper and can fake sincerity so well! John. J. Miller at The Corner had a more measured reaction:

I love her style, doggone it, and I sure was cheering her on—but I must say, with respect to all of the positive reviews, I think Sarah Palin really benefited from low expectations. No, she didn’t fall off the stage, as some had hoped or feared. Yet her nods to economic populism made me wince. . . .

I’m heartened that others are giving her a big thumbs up. I’m certainly not giving her a thumbs down. It might be said that she was good enough. But I want her to do better, for her sake and ours.

I’m glad this debate is over. Sarah Palin can go back into her box and not be heard from again for a while. She can tour Hate Radio, Republican fundraisers and churches and maybe dream of being Reagan in 2012. But for now, I think she’s finished.

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