Why The Repubs will Lose. . .and why they should

I ran across this via MSNBC Political Cartoons of the Week:

This image completely captures the pointlessness of the McCain campaign. It’s now a cliché to say McCain is out of touch, but this man just doesn’t get it at a level beyond the imagination. Palin doesn’t know there’s an “it” to get.

It seems like the entire right wing is hysterical. They can’t figure out what in the hell is going on. Someone I know likes to say “reality is that which blithely ignores what you think about it.” Reality is that cartoon.

I do a lot of opposition research and came across this at the NRO:

That is to say, the continued association [with Ayers] is easily explained for anyone willing to look at the facts. The post 9/11 Ayers was exactly the same guy as the pre-9/11 Ayers. That’s what drew Obama to him in the first place. The media and our esteemed commentariat choose not to look at the facts — after all, Obama is such a fine writer and has such intellectual rigor. So we have the usual dismissal or complex rationalizations of something that is obvious and simple: Obama shares Ayers’s Leftist politics. Whatever distance Obama has imposed in the last couple of years is strictly a function of his electoral ambitions.

The truth is if Obama had any kind of association with Ayers, it would be screaming in the headlines. It’s not there. Obama served on a board with him along with a bunch of people including Republicans. Obama’s career was not launched in Ayers’s living room. That’s simply a bald-faced lie. Annenberg who gave millions to Ayers’s projects has endorsed McCain for president. Why did McCain accept an endorsement (and I assume a contribution) from someone who gave almost 50 million dollars to a terrorist?

The Ayers thing is steaming pile of bullshit. And it’s what the right wing–along with McCain and Palin–are all about.

Meanwhile this is what Obama is about (with thanks to The Dish):

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