Drachonian Arizona Immigration Law

The problem with the new Arizona law is that anybody can be stopped anytime for any reason or no reason and asked for an ID. If you can’t produce an ID they can arrest you. It matters not one tiny bit that you are an American citizen. If you happen to leave your house without your driver’s license (and I do all the time, why not? it’s a free country) then you are screwed. They handcuff you and drag you off to jail. If you are a LEGAL alien and you happen to leave the house without your ID you can go to jail for six months.

Yeah, I’m sure they’ll catch some illegals. Meanwhile all the Americans in Arizona are living in a police state. I’ve read that they don’t pull people over at random in Red China, though I understand it was very popular in Soviet Russia.

It’s astounding that people are so filled with hate and vindictiveness that they are perfectly willing to throw away their freedom to hurt a minority.

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