Obama’s a Citizen. Get Over It.

Why do the wingnuts still claim Obama isn’t a citizen?

I discovered recently that the FBI does a deep background check on all presidential candidates. It only makes sense. If someone is going to be privy to the highest level secrets in the country, we need to know if they are a convicted felon or a citizen of another country.  For me, this is the knock-down argument but then I believed Obama was a citizen all along.

It’s astounding to me that the birthers didn’t think the Secret Service, the FBI and the CIA would be the slightest bit interested in this issue. They didn’t imagine those agencies would have slightly more access to the original birth records than the average redneck. In addition to that don’t you think every single news organization from the Zimbabwe Daily Mail to the Bombay Times Herald would have fleets of investigators out there trying to get the biggest scoop of the century? Don’t you think Hillary Freekin’ Clinton would have clawed down the Honolulu Hall of Records with her own hands if there was the slightest hope that Obama was unqualified to be president?

The Tea Baggies don’t like him. I get that. If he’s not a citizen then not only is he not president, he’s never BEEN president. It can all just be erased like it never happened. I can see why that’s an attractive (to them) idea.

But it’s  nuts. He produced his birth certificate, it’s on line in several places, the State of Hawaii says it’s valid, the FBI has verified it. That’s the end of it. He simply can’t be removed from office that way.

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