Winners? Losers?


This is from the FrumForum:

There are winners from the Gaza flotilla and losers. In human terms, the losses begin with the battered and injured IDF soldiers who boarded the Mavi Marmara. One may wonder if we should not tally as winners the nine militant blockade runners who gained the martyrdom they sought.

Seriously? The losses begin with the “battered and injured”  IDF soldiers and the winners are the 9 people who were gunned down? Really? If Frum freekin’ nuts? Usually he is far more sensible this but for the right wing Israel is justified in doing anything it feels like doing, no matter what.

Frum continues:

The point of the flotilla was not of course to deliver humanitarian aid — or even to ease the Israeli blockade of Gaza. As is, Gaza receives more humanitarian aid every 24 hours than was contained in the entire flotilla. And of course Hamas could ease the blockade at any time by releasing Gilad Shalit and forswearing violence against Israel.

The point of the flotilla was to end Israeli inspection of Gaza cargoes, so that Hamas could resume importing weapons.

So what? Gaza receives enough aid to keep the population alive on a starvation diet. More aid is desperately needed. I’m sure Hamas would love to start importing weapons. I have no sympathy for them. None of that is the point. It is, in fact, the default straw man argument the right wing always uses when anybody criticizes anything the Israelis do.

The point is the Israelis gunned down 9 people who were no threat to them. They could have easily disabled the ship and towed it to shore where they could inspect it. They chose not to do that. That was wrong.  This incident looks like part of a long moral downward slide of both the Israelis and their right wing supporters.

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