The New Phony Black Racism Scandal

When Andrew Breitbart constructed a phony video to destroy ACORN, Rachel Maddow showed the unedited video that was NEVER shown on Fox noise. The guy who was supposed to have been “caught” lost his job. What Fox didn’t mention is that he called the cops the minute the phony “pimp” was out of his office. Then Maddow asked “Who’s next? Who are they going to destroy next?”

Next up was Shirley Sherrod. Andrew Breitbart showed a small portion of a video of her giving a speech in the 1980s in which she tells a story about how she was once prejudiced against white farmers and learned to overcome it. Guess which part of the speech Breitbart cut out? Hours after his video was released Sherrod was fired.

Now CNN is playing ALL the tape showing the entire story and the white farmers that she talked about in the story have come forward and verified that she helped them enormously and was always good to them.

Did Breitbart apologize? Oh, heavens no. Breitbart is trying to lie his way out of it now and so is Fox. David Frum said of this incident “When Dan Rather succumbed to the forged Bush war record hoax in 2004, CBS forced him into retirement. Breitbart is the conservative Dan Rather, but there will be no discredit, no resignation for him.”

Right wing conservatives should be pounding Breitbart into the ground over this. But they won’t. Just now the Drudge Report banner headline is “NO GO BLAGO DEFENSE RESTS.” is saying Breitbart is doing to the left what they’ve “always” done to the right. It’s what I like to call the “Tommy does it worser!” argument.

Andrew Breitbart is a lying sack of shit and the right wing – those famous bastions of morality, honesty and decency – should give him the boot. But I won’t be holding my breath waiting for that to happen.

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