It’s all about the money?

What’s really appalling about the Ryan plan is not just that it wants seniors to buy health insurance on the private market but it also abolishes the ACA (obamacare). That means all attempts to bring down health care inflation will be ended. The cost of health care will keep shooting out of sight.

The individual mandate will be gone and – best of all for those elderly people trying to buy insurance – all the laws against excluding people for pre-existing conditions will also be gone. Private insurance companies will not touch seniors and will refuse to cover them because their care is very expensive. Which makes the government vouchers worthless. Isn’t that great? The founding fathers would be so proud.

The Ryan plan neatly exposes the moral depravity of the tea baggies and the depths to which modern conservatives have sunk.

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2 Comments on “It’s all about the money?”

  1. Shorty Hammack Says:

    Yes it is all about money. When anyone lives well beyond their means, sooner or later the bill comes due. The United States has surpassed that point. The only reason we have not yet gone broke is because the US Dollar is the World Trade Currency. This fact allows the US to just keep printing more money. However, several of the world’s economic powers think the days of the Dollar are over. Tow facts; several economic powers gathered to discuss future World Trade Currency issues and the US was not invited, and within the past few weeks commodities, to include oil, have been traded on the workd market with currency other than the US Dollar.
    The Ryan Plan acknowledges the time has come to pay the bill. This is the first sign of real leadership is a long time. ACA (obamacare) creates a massive government bureaucracy whos price tag alone we cannot afford. So, RedSonja, you are correct, it is about the money.

  2. redsonja2000 Says:

    You kind of illustrated my point. To cut taxes for the rich by cutting services for the poor is morally depraved. We need to raise revenues and cut unnecessary expenditures, simplify the tax code, trim the military etc. All those things would balance the budget or come close. The Ryan plan hurts too many people.

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