Keith Olberman, Still over the Top

I don’t like this. It’s over the top and inflammatory and in some cases wrong and misleading. Mostly it’s misleading. There are so many good things on that list and other things that are simply wrong, stupid or mere lies. I think the worst things are the half lies. Yes, for example, college is expensive and a lot of students go deep into debt to get educated. I’m glad people are willing to do that because we need educated people. However, “da man” did not make them do it. Nobody made them do it. They signed those loan papers with no gun to their heads. Another example is corporate farming. I”m not sure it’s a bad thing.

There are 300 million people in the US. Who must eat 3 times a day every day. Who is willing to starve so we can bring back family farming? Show of hands? I thought not. Farming is nasty, back breaking work that will keep you in deep poverty because there’s no money in it except on a huge scale.

And so on. And that’s not even getting into the loony conspiracy theories. I’m shocked they didn’t include how GW Bush engineered 9/11.

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