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Worldnut Daily Overheats

March 31, 2009

“Worldnutdaily Overheats” is really like saying “Stop the presses! The sky is blue!”

Joseph Farrah (founder, editor and CEO of thinks Obama has done something radical, crazy and totalitarian. Srsly! President Obama fired (actually asked for the resignation) of an extremely lousy CEO who was sucking up taxpayer money like a Hoover. Farah is prepared, though, he won’t be pushed around!

I have news for you, though: If Obama calls for my resignation as CEO of WND, he needs to know he can have my business when he pries it from my cold, dead fingers.

Of course WND isn’t taking any government money that I know of, nor will it any time in the future. But who cares about a little detail like that?

Then he gets unintentionally (more) funny:

What’s going on in this country? Has everyone gone mad? Are we all suffering from a new form of collective Alzheimer’s disease? Have we forgotten our roots, our heritage of freedom, our constitutional foundations?

This is from someone who cheered while Bush wiped his butt with the US Constitution and was snatching American citizens off the streets and disappearing them into torture and permanent detention without trial or charges.

But asking some incompetent CEO to go ruin someone else’s company is soooo horrible. How horrible is it?

It’s like directed chaos – which is why I say it is becoming more obvious all the time that the goal is to destroy rather than save or build a viable economy.

Farrah needs to lie down and take smelling salts. Maybe loosen his corset strings a little.


No New Deal on Drug War

March 30, 2009

The drug “war” pours billions of dollars a year down a bottomless rat hole. But who cares? It’s only money. The problem is, it pours millions of human lives down the same rat hole. All for nothing. Nothing at all. They do it to save us from a harmless drug that grows naturally along the roadways. A toxic dose of it has never been discovered. A McDonald’s Happy Meal will kill you quicker.

But the very suggestion that anti marijuana laws be repealed was laughed off by Obama. He’s not alone in that reaction. It’s a joke. It’s laughed off by everybody.

The next time a child is killed in a drive by shooting or a little old lady is murdered because the police had the wrong address, I’ll try to remember to laugh my ass off.