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Concerned Reconstructionists of America

February 16, 2006

Over at the Daily Dish, Andrew Sullivan reports that Concerned Women of America–Beverly Lehay’s right wing organization–has posted an article from a member of the Chalcedon Foundation.

Why is this important? The Chalcedon Foundation is the home of Christian Reconstructionism, a movement that seeks to destory the US Constitution and replace it with Biblical law. Biblical law would be almost indistinguishable from Sharia law, allowing stonings for trivial “crimes,” death or imprisonment for blasphemy, loss of equality for women and other minorities and, of course, death to the “evil” of religious tolerance.

This particular article ‘Homophobia’ Is Not the Problem is another in a long line of articles mindlessly spewing hatred for homosexuals. Business as usual. What’s concerning is the tie to the Chalcedon foundation.

Very few Christians, even right-wingers, know anything at all about Christian Reconstructionism even as they parrot Reconstructionist views. I would have said the same thing about CAW. Now, it seems CAW does understand where they are getting their ideas.

Concerned Women of America hate homosexuals, fight condom and birth control use and lie about abortion, the morning after pill, stem cell research and RU-486. Their ties to the Chalcedon Foundation and reconstructionism makes their cruelty and deceit much more understandable.


Cartoons about the Cartoons

February 9, 2006

Wow. Bitter, funny, sad. These cartoons are wondeful!

Fascism by Any Other Name

February 9, 2006

I sometimes take the Sword of Freedom to conservative message boards and forums. I admit it freely, I’m looking for a fight. I was enormously suprised to see this article on The Conservative Voice:
Are We Witnessing the Rise of the Fourth Reich?

I expected the usual screed about Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy or about the poor oppressed fundamentalists. Instead I was rewarded with a very thoughtful essay.

A quote:
“It seems clear to me that the attitudes and actions of Nazi Germany’s ministers and churches are being repeated in the United States today. To a large degree, Evangelicals have wrapped the Cross of Christ in the banner of the Republican Party. They quote Romans chapter 13 to justify their unflinching, yes, even blind support for President Bush. They are willing to surrender their freedoms and liberties so that President Bush might protect them. Pictures of the president almost universally line the halls and walls of our churches, Christian schools, and pastors’ offices. They castigate and denigrate in the most caustic terms anyone who dares to challenge or even question President Bush. They are willing to let the president lead them into multiple wars, even wars of aggression, based solely on Bush’s word. They refuse to hold the president accountable to the principles of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It seems to me that President Bush has taken on the aura of an American Fuhrer in the minds of many Evangelicals.”

Readers are allowed to comment and this was mine:

Generally I don’t like to compare any opponent to Hitler or nazis. It’s a cliche. It doesn’t win any debate points and, in fact, loses them. However, this article was very interesting.

The warrantless wiretaps should terrify you. I was terrified when American citizens were being held without trial or lawyers. In this country, the most vicious murderer must have a lawyer and a trial. Timothy McVeigh had lawyers, a trial and appeals, yet justice was done. Holding foreigners incommunicado for years is wrong and violates our own constitutional principles, but doing it to Americans is terrifying.

“No Fly” list that’s so sloppy it includes babies, nuns and Quakers is bad enough, but the fact that it also includes political opponents and critics is terrifying.

How much damage can Bush do in three more years? He already has agreed that Islamofascists should be appeased with our silence, what else is going to be declared unacceptable speech?

Our freedoms and liberties are being destroyed one by one with the help and approval of evangelical Christians. I prefer to call them by their real name: Christian Reconstructionists. Like the Islamofacists, Reconstructionists are totalitarians. They merely put a Christian spin on their hostility to liberty instead of an Islamic spin or a communist spin.

More Pics from the Religion of Peace

February 3, 2006

I found this after I published my last post.

And they wonder why we think they are ignorant savages.

Islamic Public Relations

February 3, 2006

Muslims wonder why we don’t like them very much and seldom treat them with respect.

Anybody remember the bloody riots that happened worldwide when the film “Life of Brian” was released? Me neither. They didn’t happen. What about when the comedy “The Pope Must Die!”? I don’t recall any cars set on fire or angry mobs with signs threatening massacre to the bad people who made the movie. That’s because it didn’t happen.

That’s been happening for days now in the Islamic world because of a series of cartoons published in a Danish paper: I’m pretty sure “Freedom Go to Hell” is on James Dobson’s personal coat of arms.

Here’s another article with more detail:,2106,3561502a12,00.html

Here’s another article,2106,3561503a10,00.html called “Cartoons ‘test of Islamic tolerance.'” Clearly they flunked.

Praying for Death

February 2, 2006

Jay Stapleton over at the Worldnetdaily (aka Worldnutdaily) has written an article called “Praying through the Bush Window.” In that article he seems to be suggesting that he–and others–are praying for the deaths of four people, Supreme Court Justices Ginsburg, Stevens, Souter, and Kennedy. Now, he doesn’t say that in so many words. He says this:

Here’s my prayer list: Ginsburg – gone! Stevens, Souter, and Kennedy – gone! Installed in their place: God-fearing, Constitution-loving justices flanking Roberts on both right and left!

Supreme Court appointments are for life. The only way the “liberal” judges can be “gone” is if they retire or if they die. Stapleton doesn’t seem to care which it is. In fact his phrase “banish them from the court” (see below) seems to clue us in to which one he thinks is more likely. If they retire, that would be their free choice. The only way God can banish them is to kill them off.

What he says next is equally interesting:

There are four remaining liberal judges on the nation’s high court. That equates to four justices who are anti-life (in the name of choice), pro-perversion (in the name of privacy) and anti-American (in the name of progress). May God banish them from the court.

Notice the three great evils–choice, privacy and progress. These are domninionist ideas straight from the Christian Reconstructionists. They make your choices for you. They thave a right to dictate your private life. They shall decide what is and isn’t anti-American.

Progress, of course, is about as anti-American as you can get . . . Right?

This is his closing sentence:
If, in the last few years, we’ve seen an erosion of our Christian liberties, how secure will our freedoms be should the likes of Howard Dean rise to power?

What Mr. Stapleton means by “Christian liberties and freedoms,” of course, is the use of government power to proselytize. The power to marginalize any religious expression that does not conform with the main thrust of Christian Reconstructionists who are the enemies of freedom and liberty. Reconstructions have stated openly that to achieve dominion they will use consitutional protections where they can and destroy constitutional protections where they can. They do not conceal the fact that they consider religious pluralism to be blasphemous and evil.

If Howard Dean rose to power the Christian Right Wing would not be free to force the worship of others, but they would be free to worship as they please. If they ever gain the power they lust after, Howard Dean will be dead or in prison. And so will anyone who dares speak against them.

Freedom is Slavery. Slavery is Freedom.

February 1, 2006 is flogging a book that is surely the darling of the religious right:

Exposé of the year: ‘The Marketing of Evil’
‘How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom’
by David Kupelian

some quotes:
According to “The Marketing of Evil,” Americans have come to tolerate, embrace and even champion many things that would have horrified their parents’ generation – from easy divorce and unrestricted abortion-on-demand to extreme body piercing and teaching homosexuality to grade-schoolers. Does that mean today’s Americans are inherently more morally confused and depraved than previous generations? Of course not, says veteran journalist David Kupelian. But they have fallen victim to some of the most stunningly brilliant and compelling marketing campaigns in modern history.

“The Marketing of Evil” reveals how much of what Americans once almost universally abhorred has been packaged, perfumed, gift-wrapped and sold to them as though it had great value. Highly skilled marketers, playing on our deeply felt national values of fairness, generosity and tolerance, have persuaded us to embrace as enlightened and noble that which all previous generations since America’s founding regarded as grossly self-destructive – in a word, evil.

Notice how body piercing got on the list of evil things? What’s up with that? Notice how author David Kupelian points out that fairness, generosity and tolerance are what brought about these “evils”? According to Kupelian, fairness, generosity and tolerance are weaknesses that allow evil to flourish. If people were just more biased and bigoted we’d still have that Golden Era of the 1930s when lynchings were common and it wasn’t illegal to beat your children to death. (Ok, technically it was illegal but parents were rarely charged, rarely convicted if charged and rarely received more than a token sentence if convicted.) Naturally the book is warmly praised by dominionists D. James Kennedy and Donald E. Wildmon and the usual gang of right wingers.

The title of this post is a reaction to the subtitle of the book How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom. What Kupelian is calling corruption, most of us would refer to as liberty–as well as tolerance, fairness and generosity. Kupelian, like most rightwingers and dominionists, feels he’s entitled to dictate how people live. Someone across town doing something he doesn’t approve of keeps him awake at night. It isn’t right. He feels entitled to make them stop. To make YOU stop whatever it is you are doing that he doesn’t like.

Minding his own business is right out of the question.