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The Debate

September 28, 2008

I listened to the debate. Since I’m something of a computer nerd, I checked Andrew Sullivan’s Live Blog of the event and also live blogging going on over at NRO’s The Corner. It was interesting to watch the two different reactions. Andrew was clearly biased toward Obama but trying to be fair to McCain. At The Corner? Not so much. Biased toward McCain and . . . biased toward McCain.

Unsurprisingly Sullivan thought Obama won and The Corner denizens thought it was McCain hands down.

Generally pundits think it was a wash and neither won. However, polls at CNN and CBS showed Obama as a decisive winner. Newsweek showed them dead even.

As much as I’d love to say Obama stomped McCain, I sort of agreed with the pundits. It was a wash. Obama was vastly better than I’ve seen him before in a debate but McCain was fully awake and not as creepy as usual. Several people have pointed out that McCain refused to look at Obama. Some people thought it was because of McCain’s contempt for Obama, others thought it was because he was afraid of Obama. For all I know there were tv lights behind Obama that were uncomfortable to look in to.

I’ll be very interested in seeing how it all washes out.

And I’m going to be front and center for the Palin/Biden debate next Friday!